Hi, I am a mom of boy and girl twins, Paul (Buddy) and Caroline (ChoCho). Paul is severly autistic, Caroline in supremely artistic. Join us for the adventures of a unique and awesome life!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Caroline's Chronicles (continued)

It was a cold, crystally winter day. A handsome, tall man stood outside of a hospital room wringing his hands. He was waiting for the doctor to invite him in. But he was worried that it wouldn't happen. He had been standing there for two hours! He ran the words DON'T WORRY through his mind trying to convince himself that they were true. Finally, the hospital door slowly started opening. Then it slammed open. There stood a big man in half of a hospital gown. His toe nailes were poking up and he had some green goop in between them. His head had hardly any hair on it and he had his square shaped glasses on upside down. "Are-are you the d-docter?" the tall man said wondering if he had made the wrong choice in hospitals. And right as he said that, a tall man came out of the room that the half-dressed man had come out of. He had white gloves on and carried a clipboard. He said in a confused voice "No, but I am." The tall man looked at the doctor and then at the big man and gave a sigh of relief. Then his face dimmed. "Where's my wife monica?" The doctor looked at his clipboard and said "She's on the floor below, room 219." The tall man's face drooped and his mouth dropped open wide. "Thank you!" he said, as he ran down the hall. He nearly slammed into the wall as he turned the corner. He started running faster and faster, whizzing past nurses who screamed "Stop!" at the blur that blew past them.
He ran to the elevator and rapidly began pressing the down button as the nurses chased after him. They were trying to stop him but they were not successful. He made it into the elevator with time to spare. The elevator door opened and he was on a new floor. He raced down the hall looking for room 219. After a long time of searching, he reached his destination. He burst into the room to find a short, brown-haired girl in the hospital bed holding a beautiful baby girl.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paul makes PAULS BREAD

You may wonder how many cups of flour Paul is putting into the bread mixer. To be honest, I have no idea! It is a unique batch each time. Paul is very meticulous in his bread-making. This is serious business to him. He turns the mixer off before adding more flour, then turns it back on. If some flour makes it on to the top of the mixer, he gets it off with the measuring cup. What a fun boy!

Piano Recital-Success!

Caroline's first piano recital was a success. She said she was a little nervous but there were some humorous moments earlier in the recital that lightened the atmosphere. A boy named Nathan was swaying and bouncing dramatically to the rhythms of his song. All were entertained. Caroline got up like a pro and performed as well as I have ever heard her perform this song. Paul miraculously stayed quiet. He thought for sure that we were getting in the car to get chicken nuggets. He is now able to tell us so. But he was a good sport as soon as the recital started. Caroline seemed to notice that he was listening to the pieces and that was why he was quiet. Hope you enjoy this video, Grandpa and Grandma!

Lagoon Pics

Paul loved the White Roller Coaster so I knew I had to get a picture of him sitting in front of it. Next time I will get him RIDING the coaster. He always puts his arm through mine as we go up the hill and looks over the edge, somewhat apprehensively. But he can't get enough of the ride. Two times was good enough for me but I went on it with him ten times that day!
Our good friends the Vosses came with us as well as Linford, Paul's cousin. They also went with Paul on his favorite rides. Linford is so cute and genuine with Paul. Special kids.
Our first ride of the day was this dragon ride that goes around and around and around. I chose to sit that one out.

Paul looks excited (for him) and the girl behind him wishes she had his stylish headphones! :)

Journey to Lagoon

We did it! Paul FINALLY raised enough money to take the jaunt to Lagoon. Good for him...learning to use his money responsibly. And how nice of him to let us come too! We found out that his favorite ride is the Space Scrambler. He giggled the entire time! Daddy and Caroline were riding with him and got a kick out of his reaction. Our brains felt scrambled after riding Paul's other two favorites, the Wild Mouse and the White Roller Coaster. We wore a track in the pavement between those two rides. After much apprehension, the rest of us got up the courage to ride Colossus and Wicked. Our nervousness was all for naught. WE LOVED THEM BOTH! We realised going upside down was actually a blast! Pictures will be in the next post after we figure out how to do it! :)